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Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) Installation & Maintenance In Newcastle And Maitland


A variable frequency drive (also known as a VSD or Variable Speed Drive) is a device designed to regulate motor speed by adjusting the electrical supply. This technology is instrumental in ensuring optimal cooling for traditional motors, preventing overheating.

They need to be installed and maintained by commercial and industrial electricians so if you are in the Newcastle or Maitland are you can trust Horsell Electrical.

Understanding Variable Frequency Drives And What They Do

A variable speed drive, also known as a VSD, is a device designed to regulate motor speed by adjusting the electrical supply. This technology is instrumental in ensuring optimal cooling for traditional motors, preventing overheating.

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Reasons And Advantages of Variable Frequency Drives

Reasons And Advantages of Variable Frequency Drives

Electrical motors collectively consume over 115 million MWh annually. By tailoring energy usage to specific needs, a plant utilising a 30 kWh motor for 5,000 hours annually could save more than 76,500 kWh compared to conventional methods like dampers.

Compatibility Across Motors

Contrary to concerns, pulse width modulation drives (PWD) work across a broad range of applications, from 0.5 HP to 500 HP. Various types like source inverters (CSI) and voltage source inverters (VSI) cater to specific needs, accommodating both small and large setups.

High Efficiency

Variable speed drives, such as pulse width modulation drives, boast efficiency rates between 92 and 96 percent, contributing to energy savings.

Power Loss Resilience

Many variable frequency drives can withstand small power output dips, ensuring continuous operation and preventing downtime.

Enhanced Process Control

With precise voltage control, the variable speed of the drive facilitates the ability to ramp up or down operations as required, allowing motors to run at specific speeds or stop at precise times.

Extended Equipment Lifespan

Unlike single-speed motors subjected to high initial torque during startup, variable frequency drives enable a gradual increase in torque, minimising wear and tear.

Applications of Variable Frequency Drives

Motors play a vital role in various industries, consuming over 65 percent of industrial electricity. Variable frequency drives find applications in diverse sectors, including:

  • Conveyor belts
  • Plant machinery
  • Ventilation systems
  • Paper machines
  • Fans
  • Ski lifts
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Use of Variable Frequency Drives

Variable frequency drives are employed to control motor speed, offering a solution to the inefficiencies of traditional methods involving fuel flow adjustments. Unlike two-speed settings or temporary fuel supply interruptions, variable speed drives finely adjust the current flow to the motor, allowing for flexible and energy-efficient control.

Like all industrial electrical equipment, they need to be installed, calibrated and maintained to Australian regulations and safety standards by qualified electricians. Often they come under the control of your PLC system in Warehouses, Plants, Factories and other industrial complexes.

Experienced Industrial Electricians

For more info on how we can help you with variable frequency drives including their installation, maintenance or configuration then contact Horsell Electrical in Maitland today. We serve the Newcastle and Maitland are in all aspect of commercial and industrial electrical services, including 24/7 emergencies.

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