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Lighting Installations and Upgrades in Maitland & Newcastle

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Lighting Installations and Upgrades for Homes and Businesses

Lighting needs and systems have changed massively over the past few decades, gone are the days when 1 incandescent bulb in each room was all there was, nowadays lighting is also a major part of home decor, style and atmosphere as well as its functional use.

Adding or changing additional lighting can be simple or complicated, depending on your needs. There can be more than one solution to any given requirement so talking to your local experienced electrician will get you the best advice on your lighting needs all across the Newcastle and Maitland areas.

Types of Lighting Installations and Wiring

As well as just replacement or extra lighting, there are many other very different kinds of lighting, all with different options and benefits but all must be correctly wired and installed.

  • Feature lighting
  • Kitchen or bathroom cabinet lighting
  • Chandeliers
  • LED downlights
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Pool lighting
  • Security lighting
  • Pendant lighting
  • Smart lighting

As residential electricians, we can supply most types of lighting from nearly all major brands, but if you have your own products already, this is absolutely fine too. As long as they meet legal Australian standards we can install and test them for you.

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Eco-Friendly Lighting Solutions

With rapidly increasing energy bills, many people are looking for better lighting solutions that not only reduce their bills because they are more efficient, but also are from a more sustainable source. Here at Horsell Electrical, we can advise on your lighting needs by incorporating green lighting solutions into your home that will benefit you as well as the planet. LED lighting is a simple and effective way to do this for example but isn’t ideal in every situation which is why discussing this with us is very important.

Regular Downlight Installs or Upgrades

Downlighting is your most common ceiling lighting but it can also have different effects. Modern downlighting is much more flexible than just a single powerful bulb that will light the whole room for example. Upgrading your ceiling lights can give you multiple effects like:

  • Accenting - like a spotlight highlighting a certain area
  • Pooling - where overlapping light can build up
  • Wall washing - where reflected light from the walls lambently lights the room

Having a pattern or a deliberate design for the room and its use is the best way to ensure a good outcome. Getting this wrong will be ugly and non-practical so planning this with your electrician is crucial.



Is lighting design important?

Yes, massively. With so many options and techniques, it can be easy to get the wrong effect or pay too much for what’s required. Discussing your lighting upgrades or plans with your electrician is crucial

Is lighting design expensive?

For most small domestic lighting installs and upgrades the design aspect is built into the cost and is essentially free advice. For larger renovations, mansion-style homes or commercial projects the new would provide a complete lighting design service and quote for this accordingly

Do you need to replace or rewire when installing new lights?

Not always. For a straight replacement then, no, not unless the cold wiring is substandard. For any upgrades, this will depend on the functionality like adding more switches or changing the location of the lights themselves

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