Electrical Safety Inspections in Maitland & Newcastle

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Electrical Safety Inspections for Home and Business

An electrical safety inspection by an experienced qualified electrician will find out if there are any dangerous electrical issues or electrical systems that need to be upgraded or improved. They are especially useful when buying property and for businesses, but also in residential homes, especially older ones. Horsell Electrical offer a full electrical safety inspection service all across the Maitland and Newcastle areas for homes and businesses.

What’s Involved in an Electrical Safety Inspection?

One or sometimes more of our qualified electricians will test power outlets and points, wiring, smoke alarms and switchboards to make sure they are operating safely or there might be potential issues. One of the things we account for is what your usage is currently or might be in the future as this may exceed the limits on what your property's electrical systems can safely accommodate.

The whole process varies in the time taken based upon your property but we will deliver a full report that will list what we have done and any recommendations that we are making as well as any major dangerous faults or issues that need addressing immediately.

  • Wiring - We’ll check the wiring, noting its age and looking for exposed, degraded or damaged wiring. This is a major cause of house fires and we’ll recommend what needs replacing.
  • Appliances and Systems - All major and minor appliances will be inspected to make sure their own electrical systems are functioning properly. We look for damage and test voltages.
  • Switchboards - Another major cause of fire as well as electrical shock. We will fully test and make sure the switchboard and its safety features have not degraded over time and can support the usage you require.
  • DIY Modifications - Any work that has not been carried out by a licensed electrician will be inspected to make sure it meets standards and is safe.
  • Lighting - All lights, switches and wiring will be fully examined. There are many types of lighting and each one will require its own examination to ensure its safety.
  • Surge Protection - Making sure that the safety features of your overall system are protecting you is vital. We’ll determine if this needs to be improved for your usage.
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Why You Should Have an Electrical Safety Inspection

The main reason is obviously safety. Anyone who has had an electrical shock will realise this importance so if you suspect that there may be faults then an inspection is vital for the safety of all. Other reasons include:

  • The property is older than 25 years
  • Appliances that are older than 5 years or are not operating 100%
  • If you are selling your home or business
  • Saves money long term, you can plan for what work needs to be done rather than have major faults and unplanned nasty surprises

Never delay with a safety inspection, if you suspect faults or have some slight issues then don’t hesitate to contact us to ensure the safety of everyone that uses the property.

When You Should Have an Electrical Safety Inspection

  • Residential properties – Every 3-5 years
  • Commercial properties – Once a year
  • Industrial buildings – Every 3-6 months
  • When buying or renting a home
  • When selling your home 
  • If the property is older than 10 years or there are outdated systems like wiring
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How much does an electrical safety inspection cost?

This obviously depends on the property and its size. Each job is unique so we don’t have a fixed fee and will quote accurately and accordingly to what is required, simply call us for a free quote

How long does an electrical safety inspection take?

As above, each job is unique, but for smaller properties only a few hours and for larger homes and businesses it can be a whole day.

Is an electrical safety inspection a legal requirement?

Not for residential homes, but you may find issues when selling if they are discovered and these can delay and devalue your home. For businesses yes, there will be strict legal requirements but these will vary from industry to industry so please give us a call to find out your requirements

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