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Switchboard Upgrades, Installs & Repairs in Maitland & Newcastle

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Your switchboard is the heart of the electrical system in any premises, whether it's a home, a factory or a shop, it's the beating heart of your electrical power. It’s also a hugely important safety component.

Modern switchboards (sometimes called fuse boxes) have many new safety features. Some older-style fuse boxes are still around and although they are not illegal to have, these units cannot be installed and can cause many electrical issues.

Switchboard Installations

We can supply new switchboards and install them (usually same day) based on your current (geddit?) and future requirements. There are many extra safety options as well as their capacity to be considered which we will recommend.

Upgrading your switchboard to a modern one makes your home safer and also easier to sell as well as ridding you of shorts, overloads and other issues you may have been having.

We only supply quality switchboards that meet Australian standards that will function for many years to come.

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Switchboard Repairs

Some modern switchboards are simply overloaded by the increasing drain modern homes place with all the extra appliances, some are just badly wired by previous poor quality electrical work. Signs your switchboard needs servicing or replacing:

  • Tripping - this can be due to overloading which can be caused by bad wiring or just too much drain on the circuit. Switchboards can also fail over time, especially if old or corroded
  • Sparks, Smells or Discolouration - If you have these around the switchboard then you have a serious fault or problem and should call us immediately

Do not attempt to service your switchboard yourself, this is legal and dangerous, please call us immediately and we’ll send an emergency electrician to diagnose and fix the problem.

Commercial and Industrial Switchboards

Most large-scale industrial and commercial warehouse and factory premises should have a 3-Phase switchboard coming into their premises. These are also sometimes required for larger homes or properties. The benefits of a 3-Phase supply are better efficiency, less wiring and the power never drops to zero. Only a level 2 certified electrician like Horsell can carry out this type of work.

Switchboard Upgrades, Install & Repair Prices

Prices vary accordingly to your situation. We can often fix switchboards but an upgrade and installation of a new one will start at around $800 for the most basic. Prices will rise depending on how much wiring is involved, their capacity and safety features.

Relocating your switchboard will also add to the price due to the extra wiring involved, but simply contact us for a free quote to know exactly what a switchboard upgrade will cost.

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