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Test and Tag Electrical Safety Inspections in Maitland & Newcastle

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Testing and tagging is a mandatory safety inspection for businesses and commercial premises and governments where all electrical items are checked for the safety of employees and the public.

Testing and tagging can help locate faults in the electrical system or appliances and help prevent accidents, especially fires. As it’s a legal requirement for most businesses it’s not seen as important for homeowners yet the opposite is true. Many old homes have old wiring and appliances so the elderly are particularly susceptible. When buying a home, if it’s old it can also be wise to get the house checked first for the safety of your family and help you negotiate a better price if there are major electrical works required.

What is “Test and Tag”?

Test and tag put simply is a qualified electrician with some simple tools that can check wiring, switches and appliances for faults manually. When each item or switch has passed they will tag it as passed and date it. Any faulty or potentially faulty electrical systems or appliances will be written into a full report with recommendations. It doesn’t take long and isn’t that expensive but can be invaluable in terms of safety as well as house prices.

Test and Tagging Includes:

  • A visual inspection to check for any obvious issues
  • A series of electrical tests to ensure the appliance is safe
  • Tagging of appliances to show that it has been passed as safe (in compliance with AS/NZS 3760:2010) with the date when the item should be tested again
  • Provision of a Log Book and detailed asset register
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Why Test and Tag?

It’s simple; safety. When it comes to electrical work safety is always the first priority, but also it can help spot and prevent major electrical issues that might not only be dangerous but also inconvenient not to mention expensive.

Signs When You Should Test and Tag

If your property is experiencing any minor electrical issues like:

If you are experiencing any of the above then call Horsell Electrical for a home electrical safety inspection anywhere in Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Cessnock or Port Stephens.

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