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Smoke Alarm Installation and Maintenance in Maitland & Newcastle

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Smoke Alarm Installation and Maintenance

By now we all know the importance of smoke alarms and their ability to save people’s lives, but only if they are working correctly. Testing and maintaining your smoke alarms is essential for them to be of any value. Smoke alarms also need to be installed to Australian Standards as well as fitted in the most effective places.

At Horsell Electrical our team can supply, install and test smoke alarms on any premises whether it be your home, business, nursing home or industrial factory. We know the right ones to use and where.

Smoke Alarm Solutions - Getting the Fire Detection System

There are many different types of smoke alarms on the market now and they vary in cost and features alarmingly (geddit?). Here are some of the most common types of smoke alarms:

  • Ionisation Alarm - This type of alarm detects invisible smoke particles given off by fast-burning fires such as those caused by burning clothes, bedding or paper. Their sensitivity means that they are not suitable for use in or near kitchens as they are prone to false alarms caused by cooking. They are well suited to bedrooms or landings though.
  • Photoelectric Alarm - These are good at detecting larger smoke particles from slow, smouldering fires, such as those caused by overheating wires. They are recommended for use in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, landings and hallways. They are not suitable for use inside a kitchen but may be installed nearby.

Most smoke alarms are battery operated, some with replaceable batteries, some without although they can last up to 10 years. For more advice on the best alarms for your property give Horsell Electrical a call.

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Interconnected Smoke Alarms

There are also interconnected (interlinked) alarms which means when one alarm is triggered, all linked alarms will trigger which is ideal for larger properties like nursing homes or factories where a solitary alarm might not be heard. They don’t change how they detect smoke or fire, just the way in which they are triggered. They operate using radio frequencies meaning there is no complicated or expensive cable installation.

Specialist Smoke Alarms

There are special alarms designed for the hearing impaired which use strobe lights and or vibrating pads. You can see more info here but your local electrical expert will make sure you have the right type installed.

Smoke Alarms and Testing are Mandatory for Landlords in NSW

It’s mandatory to have smoke alarms fitted on every level of a rental property and have them tested every year (info here) so let Horsell Electrical take care of this for you.


Can I install smoke alarms myself?

Yes. The most basic types can all be installed yourself, but the more complex types can often be too difficult for many people. Plus, the right type and placement are critical to their effectiveness so having your local electrician do it is very wise considering how important they are when saving lives. Also, commercial business applications need to be installed to Australian standards for insurance purposes

What is the best type of smoke alarm?

There is no single best type of smoke alarm. It all depends on the situation. How many, the type, their positioning and their installation and testing are all crucial to their effectiveness which is why it’s wise to use your local electrician

How long do smoke alarms last?

10 years. All smoke alarms that are built to Australian standards should have a 10-year life expectancy as a minimum. Even if they are still working after 10 years it is recommended that they be replaced. The same is also recommended for hard-wired smoke alarms as the sensors will age over time

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