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Ceiling Fan Installations & Repairs in Maitland & Newcastle

Ceiling fan installation

Ceiling Fan Installations

Modern ceiling fans are great, they are energy efficient, and quiet, come with many styling options and can save you using your aircon system a great deal.

Like a lot of electrical appliances, they need proper and safe installation to work effectively. Their size, power, placement, fixing and wiring all need to be done properly by an electrician.

Ceiling Fan Repairs

We service all ceiling fans. Older units may sometimes need re-aligning, have faulty wiring, or need repair to the blades or a motor changed (if parts are available). We can service most fans and get them running as new again and if they need replacing we will advise on what’s best.

All Types of Ceiling Fans Installed

Most ceiling fans can have a light, will be pretty quiet, have a multi-speed operation and have an easy remote control. All will have a “downrod” which is the metal pipe that the fan hangs from, the length of this download should be determined by the height of your ceiling. The size of the blades should be determined by the area of the room. Our expert electricians will ensure the correct installation of any fan.

  • Standard Ceiling Fans - These are the most common, requiring 7 - 8 feet clearance, they come in a variety of designs and colours allowing you to seamless blend them into your room. They can be blameless or have between 3 to 5 blades and all come with multi-speed remotes for easy operation
  • Low Profile Fans - Commonly called hugger or flush mount fans are built or lower ceiling heights of 8 feet or less. Typically they don’t have a download and are connected directly to the ceiling
  • Dual Motor Ceiling Fans - Basically 2 separate fans on one mounting. Perfect for larger rooms with each fan having its own settings. The Central column is usually a light as well
  • Outdoor Ceiling Fans - These fans are designed for patios or outdoor covered areas. They usually have 3 ratings - Dry, Damp or Wet which will indicate what type of weather they can handle. Build quality is usually much more industrial to stand up to the elements
  • Commercial Ceiling Fans - If you have a shop, industrial unit or warehouse, these larger more sturdy options are perfect for keeping customers, staff or stock cool. Ideal for gyms and warehouses to keep up air circulation without expensive aircon

Most modern units come with remotes, are connected to your lights and some are “smart” fans, allowing an app from your device or smart home system to control them. There are many many options so speak to us about what will best suit your needs.

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Can I install a ceiling fan myself?

Technically yes, but you will need to be good at DIY and confident about wiring. Many ceiling fans need extra support due to their weight so will need to be fixed into the ceiling correctly. Also, ceiling fans often need to be installed in the right location which can interfere with lighting. Plus, there are many types that work in slightly different ways and are designed for specific locations etc so it’s better to get a licensed electrician to install them

Are ceiling fans noisy?

No, modern ceiling fans are not noisy, though some are a bit more noisy than others. Older ceiling fans that haven’t been maintained or are worn or have become unbalanced can be noisy, but these can often be repaired

Can ceiling fans be repaired?

Sometimes. Depending on what the issue is we can sometimes repair them. Old-style manual switches, alignment or poor wiring can often be repaired quite easily. Otherwise, modern replacements are often very inexpensive and also more energy efficient but we will advise what's best when we have inspected them

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