Professional Industrial Electrical Services in Maitland and Newcastle

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If you have industrial-based premises with a warehouse, factory, plant room or even a commercial business unit in the Newcastle area, you know that your business will rely on safe and secure electrical systems. If anything goes wrong then you need an experienced team of industrial Electrical Contractors you can rely on.

If you need a qualified electrician who provides specialist services tailored to the needs of industrial buildings and facilities, Horsell Electrical Contractors has the equipment and knowledge required to maintain your electrical systems to Australian standards and regulations. 
Thanks to our experience dealing with a variety of industrial scenarios - based on the service calls we answer in and around SingletonPort StephensNewcastleHunter Valley, and Cessnock - not only can we help identify industrial electrical faults, but we will restore your facility to a safe operating environment. 
With many years of electrical experience in the industrial, business and domestic sectors, Horsell Electrical Contractors offers both installation and maintenance solutions for plant and equipment, especially poultry farms.

Our Industrial Electrical Services Include:

Electrical Services
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At Horsell Electrical Contractors in Maitland, we understand production and manufacturing facilities have power needs that are much greater than the general requirements of other commercial enterprises. As such, we’re ready to handle issues ranging from direct microcurrents of electricity to extremely high voltage systems. Often, these varied electrical components are attached to other parts of industrial machinery, which makes absolute accuracy even more important. 
We maintain high levels of professionalism at all times to avoid costly damage to production, development, and information systems.

Industrial Electrical FAQs

What is the difference between a domestic and an industrial electrician?

Industrial electricians work in factories, industrial units, warehouses and other specialised commercial places. Electrical standards and practices can be different to the home with higher power requirements being common in factories and warehouses for example. Safety and other protocols can also be different. Often we will need to work alongside other contractors or with other departments’ plans. Some electrical contractors like Horsell have experience specialising in both areas.

What skills should commercial and industrial electricians have?

As well as their qualifications and experience there are some other useful skills when carrying out industrial electrical work:
•   Full public liability insurance ($20 Million)
•   Ability to understand electrical plans, blueprints and designs
•   Ability to conduct visual inspections and estimate job size and requirements
•   Attention to detail
•   Good communication skills (often working with site managers)
•   Problem-solving skills
•   Ability to work as part of a team, working on large-scale projects with changing criteria
•   Able to work under pressure in demanding site conditions

Can you work as part of a team or under other site bosses?

Absolutely, we have experience in reading plans, hitting deadlines and communicating well with other departments or contractors to get the job done. This is an important and common aspect of industrial electrical work.

Do you have the experience to work in tight spaces to strict deadlines out of hours?

Yes, we have 2 teams and 3 fully equipped vans. As we operate an emergency service we are often called upon to work out of hours. A lot of factory and warehouse electrical work needs to be done at irregular hours when connecting supplies and wiring these types of premises.

How do I choose an industrial electrician?

Industrial electrical work can be deemed more important than domestic, but in reality, all the same rules apply when choosing. Ask some of these simple questions to your local industrial electrician:
•   What qualifications and how many years of experience do they have?
•   Are they specifically experienced in my industry for the type of work I require?
•   what will be done by fully qualified electricians compared to supervised trainees?
•   Can they give examples of their work and provide references or reviews?
•   How professional do they seem and how do they present themselves?
•   Can they work with other contractors or site managers?

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Horsell Electrical are the best Electricians servicing Maitland, Newcastle and surrounds. We are reputable, reliable & affordable with free quotes for all large or small commercial & domestic electrical work

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