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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation And Repairs in Maitland & Newcastle

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Electric Vehicle Charger Installation and Repairs

Electric vehicles are only becoming more common, but when buying one, you will need a home charging point that is correctly specified for your vehicle or vehicle. Our team will lease with you the best spot to install it so it is convenient to use and doesn’t get in the way or be too unsightly. There are various models and styles on the market and we will help you choose the one that best suits your vehicle and your premises.

Whatever your electric car and whatever its connection, we will get you safely connected back at home very quickly.

Things to Consider When Adding an Electric Vehicle Charger

Before you have your charging point installed, here are some essential factors to consider:

  • Cabling - The cable from the charging station to your switchboard will need to be the right type depending on your vehicle's requirements. This means we will need to be able to connect that cable type to your switchboard.
  • Safety Switches - Also known as RCD switches (residual current devices) may need to be installed as part of your switchboard. Most current switchboards use these instead of fuses but they will need to be installed to make the EV charger safe and compliant.
  • Dedicated Connection - At the switchboard, the EV charging cable will need its own connection. If you only have a small switchboard with no spare connections then you may need an upgrade or some rewiring of another circuit (if that is possible).
  • Circuit Breaker - The EV charging connection will need its own circuit breaker to protect it from electrical faults elsewhere (much like RCD switches protect us from faults)

We will take care of all of the above but each home and vehicle is unique and we can only install an EV charging station if safety standards are met, but don’t worry, we will guide you through all this with a quote from an inspection.

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Will I Need to Upgrade My Switchboard?

Possibly, we won’t know until we make an inspection, but all of the above points will need to be possible and most old switchboards almost certainly won’t comply. If your power requirements are high generally, adding a high-powered car may exceed what your connection can provide so you may need a 3-phase switchboard installed to replace your existing one. Only Level 2 qualified electricians like Horsell Electrical can undertake this work.

EV Charging Port Repairs

If your existing charger is worn, damaged or you suspect a fault, have us come and test it. We can repair in many instances by replacing certain parts or making good wiring and connections.

EV Charging Port Repairs

If your change your model of electric car you may need to change your EV charging station. You may not need to change all of it, just some of it, but give us a call and we will advise on the best solution.


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