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Electric Hot Water Repairs & Servicing

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Electric Hot Water Repairs & Servicing

Our team of licensed electricians can service and repair all major brands of electric hot water systems in Newcastle and Maitland areas. Whether you are a domestic residential user or a business owner we have repaired and serviced many electric hot water heaters in our time.

No one likes being without their hot water for any length of time and there are multiple reasons why your system might not be working but our team will arrive promptly and diagnose the hot water fault and quite often rear it on the spot.

Major Brands We Service and Repair

  • Rheem
  • Rinnai
  • Dux
  • Aquamax
  • Bosch
  • Reece
  • Wilson

We can repair most electric hot water systems as long as parts are available. Sometimes they just need a simple repair or service. In the event we cannot fix it, we will fully explain why and provide you with an alternative solution that best fits your situation.

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Electric Hot Water Heater Problems - Electrician or Plumber?

If your electric hot water heater or system isn’t working properly or has stopped working completely then should you call a plumber or an electrician? Well, if you have a leak, no water or pipe issues then you should call a plumber. If you think the thermostat, heater, timer, cylinder or wiring is an issue then you should call a qualified electrician.

If your system is older than 10 years and hasn’t been serviced it's quite common for a whole new system to be recommended. The number of issues, time and cost involved are nearly always outweighed by the benefits of a new system. New systems are far more energy efficient and we can install and supply whatever is most suitable to your requirements.

Simple Tips for Fixing Your Electric hot Water System

  • Check that the circuit breaker in your switch box (consumer unit) hasn’t tripped. If it has this will cut off the power to the whole hot water system. Turn it back on and if it trips again then you have a fault that will need to be fixed by an electrician.
  • Check the pressure relief valve to test the system. It is usually a small lever located near the top of your system which lets water run through the overflow pipe. If your system is funding normally then it should only release about a cup of water a day. A common problem is that your tank just needs to be topped up if nothing comes out.
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What happens if I need a plumber?

In the event that you require a plumber, we will arrange one and liaise with them regarding what is required. If you have your own plumber or one that you prefer, that’s fine too. We’re used to working with other people to get things done properly

How often do electric hot water systems need a service?

You should get your whole hot water system serviced once a year. Many people don’t as they think it’s a waste of money but manufacturers recommend this for a reason, it will very likely prevent future breakdowns and prolong the life of your system

How do I know if my hot water system needs servicing?

If it has been more than 1 year, or you have some of the following:

• Noisy
• Inconsistent temperature
• Won’t get hot
• Leaking or dripping
• Sediment in the water
• Inconsistent pressure

All these are signs your electric hot water system needs a service or a repair

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