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Consumer Mains Upgrades, Repairs & Installations in Maitland & Newcastle Areas

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Many Australians require replacement or upgraded consumer main cables that bring electricity into their property. The older your home is, the more likely it is that it has VIR (Vulcanised Indian Rubber) cables that perish and decay bringing the electricity to your consumer unit (meter box). The lifespan of these cables is passing and they can cause many faults and dangers like electrical fire and electrocution. The insulation wears off and split steel conduits were often used where the VIR cables were used posing more potential threats. If you know or think you may have these issues in the Newcastle and Maitland areas then give Horsell Electrical a call.

What Is A Consumer Main?

This is basically the cabling that brings the electricity into your meter box or consumer unit (fuse box). It comes from the road and is usually installed under the ground and connects to the master supply cables.

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Dangers Of Old Consumer Mains (VIR) Cabling

Over time, the insulation material (the vulcanised rubber) material dries out and perishes away leading to exposed wires that can cause shocks and they can short out against each other and cause fires plus numerous other electrical faults. Almost all cabling prior to 1960 have this type of cabling not just in the supply, but also inside homes too. The only real way to know how much of this cabling is inside your house or supplying it is to have a licensed electrician inspect it so just give Horsell Electrical a call.

  • Electric Shocks
  • Electrical Fires
  • Loss Of Power
  • Intermittent Electrical Faults

Modern-day demands can put an extra strain on outdated supplies and so can increase the risks of all of the above.

Electrical Defect Notices

In NSW it is not uncommon to get an electrical defect notice to tell you to have the cabling replaced or upgraded. (more info can be found here). Ausgrid or Endeavour will deliver this notice to inform the building that it requires replacement consumer mains so you’ll need a Level 2 qualified electrical company like Horsell Electrical to carry out the work.

XLPE Cabling Is The Solution

XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) consumer mains cables are the safest and most modern consumer mains solution for residential and domestic homes that only require a minimum of 16mm cabling. Everything about modern cabling, connectors, standards and longevity is far superior to the old VIR cables but you will legally require a Level 2 Electrician to carry out the work who is licensed, trained and experienced like Horsell Electrical.


How much does consumer mains replacement cost?

Each job is unique and specific but the average Australian pricing for such a job is approximately:

$495 for the application fee
$1500 for the design fee but will increase depending on the complexity
Installation costs will vary greatly depending on the building and access etc
Cancellation fees can also be around $600 based on how far into the process the job is at Horsell Electrical will always give a detailed quote based on an onsite visit/inspection and we will discuss this with you and give any options that are available. All our work has a warranty for peace of mind.

How deep underground are the electrical cables?

Minimum depth for underground electrical cables is 600mm below the surface. The underground service should also be parallel to the property’s boundary line by a distance of 400mm-900mm

How long does a consumer mains job take?

The whole process can take around 2 months but mostly because of application and planning times by an electrical consultant to draw up plans and designs. The work itself will usually only take a few days

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