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Air Circuit Breaker Testing And Maintenance in Newcastle And Maitland

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Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs) protect electrical circuits from damage caused by excess current, which can occur when you have an overloaded or short circuit. This can cause failures, and damage and also affect safety in industrial and computer-based premises.

Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs) serve to safeguard electrical circuits against potential damage resulting from excessive currents, such as overcurrent or short circuit occurrences. When an ACB identifies a current surpassing expected levels, it initiates a "trip" mechanism, leading to the separation of contacts within the ACB and the generation of an arc. Utilising air, the ACB extinguishes this arc, thereby interrupting the circuit and safeguarding associated equipment.

All Types Of ACBs Covered

Various types of ACBs are commonly utilised, all necessitating regular maintenance for optimal performance. Circuit breakers may manifest different faults, including failure to trip during excess current instances or unwarranted tripping in the absence of excess current.

Neglecting maintenance of ACBs may result in:

  • Failure to operate as required
  • Potential injury to personnel or customers
  • Damage to valuable equipment
  • Unnecessary business downtime
  • Incidents of fires within switchboards

Each of these consequences can incur significant costs for commercial buildings or data centre operators. Regular inspection and maintenance of ACBs aid in identifying potential faults and averting costly outcomes.

Horsell Electrical will assess your ACBs in compliance with the Australian standard AS 2467-2008 ("Maintenance of Electrical Switchgear”) to ensure compliance and safety.

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