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Electric Meter Replacement - Electricity Meter Box Upgrades

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Electricity Meter Box Replacements and Upgrades

Horsell Electrical are fully qualified and authorised to carry out any electric meter work. We can relocate or move your box to a more convenient location, upgrade it to a more modern type like a smart meter that gives you more information on your usage or simply repair or replace an old one. Having accurate electric readings is more paramount now than ever with the current rising energy costs. We are experienced in home meters as well as commercial meters for businesses large and small.

Types of Electric Meter

Your meter is what records all your electrical usage in your property. Metering data is collected by your energy company to determine your bill. The electricity itself is measured in kWh (kilowatt hours) during a predetermined period (like monthly or quarterly).

  • Accumulation Meter - These meters just calculate the overall energy consumed in an ongoing manner. they don’t calculate what time of day it is used and the reading just keeps getting higher and the amount is calculated by the extra from each reading to the next. There are 3 types of accumulation meters with the billing period nearly always quarterly:
    • A digital display as the number electrically displayed 
    • A cyclometer displays the meter reading through an analogue display
    • A dial display will have 5 digits where a hand will indicate the amount of electricity used
  • Interval Meter - These meters calculate every 30 minutes making it easier for your supplier to calculate your usage during the daytime period. This means that retailers can offer different tariffs more suited to your usage. A meter reader will usually check this quarterly.
  • Smart Meter - These are similar to interval meters but don’t require a meter reader to check the usage. They are connected directly to the retailer for real-time data collection and you can access this data yourself to calculate your own usage and bills as you go. When we replace meters, this is now the standard type of meter that is used.
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Why Change or Upgrade Your Electric Meter?

Simply to get a more accurate cost and a tariff that is suited to you. There are times when meters can be faulty giving higher or lower readings and these will always be replaced with a smart meter, but upgrading to a smart meter can get you a better tariff and hence save you money, a lot when you calculate the long-term usage.

Types of Tariff

There are 2 main types of electricity tariffs:

  • Single or Flat Rate Tariff - Not influenced by on-peak or off-peak usage. just a flat rate for all usage. Regular households will often benefit from a single tariff as most people are at home at the same times
  • Time or Use Tariff - The time of day will dictate the cost per kWh so there will be peak and off-peak. Off-peak hours are usually from about 10 pm to 7 am but the times vary with each supplier with weekends often being different too. If you use your energy mainly at night then this is usually cheaper often as the off-peak is cheaper than a flat rate

For any enquiries or questions about electric meter box replacements or upgrades then please call Horsell Electrical for more details.

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