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Electric Hot Water System Installations in Maitland & Newcastle

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Electric Hot Water System Installs

Horsell’s team of licensed electricians can install new hot water systems for new builds, renovations, replacing old faulty systems or just a switch over from a gas hot water system.

We have many years of experience in installing hot water systems in the Maitland and Newcastle areas for domestic as well as business customers. We are able to supply all of Australia’s leading brands of hot water heaters.

Getting the right choice of system is easy with a consultation from one of our hot water experts, we will advise on what is the best system for your particular needs, situation and budget. Energy prices are soaring and modern systems are the most efficient compared to older ones from even 10 years ago.

Major Brands We Install

  • Rheem
  • Rinnai
  • Dux
  • Aquamax
  • Vulcan
  • Sanden
  • Bosch
  • Reece
  • Wilson
  • Therman
  • Hocking
  • Zip Boiling


We can install almost any electric hot water system that is on the market today. We aren’t tied to one brand so can advise on what’s best without any bias. Sometimes a newer system is much more effective than repairing an old one but we will advise what’s best whilst answering any questions you may have.

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Benefits of Electric Hot Water Systems

  • Electric hot water systems are more energy efficient than gas
  • Electric hot water systems are cheaper to buy and install compared to gas
  • Electric hot water systems require much less maintenance
  • Electric hot water systems are quicker and simpler to install compared to gas (if gas is not preset at location)
  • Electric hot water systems are better for the environment


Do you do repairs and servicing?

Yes, you can read more about that here

What happens if I need a plumber?

In the event that you require a plumber, we will arrange one and liaise with them regarding what is required. If you have your own plumber or one that you prefer, that’s fine too. We’re used to working with other people to get things done properly

How long do new hot water systems last?

Expect modern ones to last between 10 and 15 years, which is an amazing lifespan. Tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years. All major manufacturers give warrantees that vary. The more expensive the system, usually the longer the warranty, sometimes up to 7 - 10 years.

Which water heater brand is the most reliable?

Honestly, there’s not a lot in this, but the major manufacturers usually have the best technology and so expect the obvious like Rheem, Bosch, Rinnai and Dux to be up there. But really a lot comes down to the model, how well it’s installed, serviced, not being overworked and also a good location.

How long does it take to install a new hot water system?

Normally an installation will take 1 day. Sometimes if we require a plumber or there are some other factors it can go into a 2nd day. Normally we will know how long it will take and let you know in advance.

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