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Electrical Surge Protection Installation and Repairs

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Most people don’t need to worry about surge protection as the electricity supply companies take care of this. But if you live in rural areas or have delicate computer systems that need protecting from the elements or faults caused by overloads then you may need some surge protection.

This will help not only with safety but also prevent damage to appliances including computers and similar items. Horsell Electrical can repair and install surge protection to your home or business in the Newcastle, Cessnock, Port Stephens or Hunter Valley areas.

Power Surge Causes

Surges can have a few causes main causes, notably:

  • Overloads - too many appliances or a few powerful appliances drawing too much power
  • Faulty Wiring - Old and decayed wiring or wiring that just isn’t up to the power being supplied or drawn can cause surges
  • Lightning Strikes - Usually these are absorbed by the supply but not in rural or isolated areas
  • Power Restoration - After a blackout or power failure by the electric company surges can happen when power is resumed

Is a Power Surge Dangerous?

Yes, power surges can be dangerous as they can cause blowouts and start fires. With electricity, it’s always safety first so you should protect your property from surges if you are susceptible to them.
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What is Surge Protection?

Surge protection comes in a few forms. Most importantly it can come as part of your consumer unit (fuse box) but replacing an entire consumer unit won’t necessarily give enough protection so surge protection strips, higher quality power strips or multi-way sockets plus surge stations (uninterruptible power supplies - USP’s) placed in the correct parts of your home can protect your valuable electronics from damage and help prevent fires.

Items to Protect From Surges

  • Computers
  • Home entertainment systems
  • Telephone lines and cables

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